IS Dougie John’s a franchise?

Currently Dougie John’s is an independently owned pizzeria with one location in Findlay, OH. However, the Dougie John’s logo has 8 pepperonis. Each pepperoni signifies a planned future location. Stay tuned as we add future locations…

Does Dougie John’s Deliver?

We deliver up to 7 miles from our location. If you have any questions regarding our delivery service or to see if you fall within our delivery area. Please call our store for assistance.

Does Dougie John’s make their own pizza sauce?

Yes, we make our pizza sauce in house using only the finest, top of the line, real Italian, fresh packed, California grown, tomato products. We do not add sugar to our pizza sauce. Dougie John’s Pizza Sauce is Savory not Sweet.

Does Dougie John’s offer gift cards?

Yes, currently we offer gift cards two ways. The fastest and most convenient is a digital gift card. A digital gift card can be sent to any email or smart phone. When the recipient opens the digital gift card the purchaser receives a confirmation by email or via text. The digital gift card can be purchased on-line or in the store. The second option is a paper gift certificate. The paper certificate also includes a digital version of the gift card but can only be purchased in person in the store.

Still have questions? Contact us.